Bella Ideale Regular

podpaski_supercienkie.png category: ultra thin sanitary pads

2mm features_30.png thickness

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  • microcapsules

    Application of superabsorbent stops generation of unpleasant smell by preventing the spawning of bacteria

  • air

    Materials' breathability significantly reduce the risk of skin irritations and blisters

  • flexifit

    Very elastic which makes it fit into any type of clothing

  • staydrai

    Dampness is immediately forwarded inside the towel, leaving the outside of the sanitary towel dry

Ultra-thin and super absorbent Bella Ideale sanitary towel created with you in mind ensuring your comfort and safety during the period. The sanitary towel has been covered with the innovative StayDrai™ outer material enriched with clean cotton which absorbs dampness immediately leaving the towel’s surface completely dry. Thanks to the Micro-capsules technology, it guarantees greater absorption compared to a standard ultra-thin sanitary towel. The AIR system ensures breathability and minimizes the risk of irritation, whilst the Flexi-Fit complex is responsible for the towel’s elasticity and makes it imperceptible and creates an impression of being an integral part of the underwear. Also available in a night size.

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