ultra-thin sanitary pad

  • StaySofti
  • StayDrai
  • Microcapsules
  • Flexi-Fit
  • AIR

StayDrai TM

StayDrai TM
  • Unique covering that combines the qualities of mesh and fibre, containing cotton fibres to make you feel its softness for all the time you wear it.
  • Double structure with pure cotton inside for extreme feeling of dryness and comfort.
  • Moisture is quickly absorbed by the pad so you can appreciate the lasting feel of dryness.
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StaySofti TM

StaySofti TM
  • Non-woven fabric cover makes sanitary pad super delicate. Its soft surface provides an extraordinary feeling of softness and naturalness.
  • Why this material is so soft? We used an extra delicate cover with double-structured non-woven fabric. That is why it is so pleasant to touch. The pad will provide you with reliable protection during daytime as well as at night with no risk of irritations.
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  • Thanks to Microcapsules, the pad absorbs twice as much moisture as other thin pads you have been using so far.
  • Moisture is effectively bound inside the pad and turned into gel, so it does not leak to its edges to protect your underwear from staining.
  • Microcapsules formula inhibit bacteria growth helping you avoid unpleasant smells.
Absorption rate graph
  • 2x more
  • regular ultra-thin pad
  • Bella Ideale


  • Breathable materials will help you in free thermoregulation and reduce the risk of infections, irritations or chafing in intimate areas.
  • You will feel more comfortable in those days, while protecting your health and keeping your skin sound.
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  • The sanitary pad ideally responds to your moves, so you can feel comfortable whatever clothes you wear.
  • The pad is ultrathin, giving the feeling of an integral part of your underwear.
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Ideale Cycle

Ideale Cycle
  • You can perfectly control your menstrual cycle combining Ideale products and using Bella Calendar application.
  • Choose a full protection cycle, feel confident, feminine, simply perfect.

Bella Ideale sanitary pads

Bella Ideale pantyliners

Bella Panty Ideale
panty ideale

Unique Bella Panty Ideale are exceptionally delicate, quickly absorb moisture, helping you preserve freshness and comfort throughout the day.

panty ideale


Capsules contained inside bind the moisture and let you quickly feel the dryness.


Breathable bottom layer allows free thermoregulation helping you maintain proper hygiene of intimate areas.


The pads are ultra-thin and do not restrict your movements so you are free to continue your daily activities.


Thanks to the unique covering with dual structure of combined non woven materials your pantyliner will always be soft and delicate for your long-lasting comfort.

  • StaySofti Normal
  • StaySofti Night
  • StayDrai Regular
  • StayDrai Night
  • Panty Normal
  • Panty Large

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