Fertile days calendar

How to calculate the fertile days?

If you want to know when your fertile days will be, observe your body carefully. In order to calculate them successfully, you should know the average duration of your menstrual cycle and the number of days your last menstruation lasted for.

How does the ovulation calculator work

The ovulation calendar will calculate and indicate when your next infertile and fertile days and ovulation begin. However, remember that there are various factors which may lead to their shift.

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You don’t know when your fertile days are due? Check our ovulation calendar which will help you calculate it.

When are my fertile days?

  • Increased body temperature - regular measurement of temperature will enable you to assess whether your ovulation is actually due to start. During ovulation, body temperature increases to around 37 degrees.

  • The amount of mucus increases significantly during ovulation and its consistency changes from runny to thick, resembling egg whites.

  • During ovulation, many women experience strong pain around the abdomen or the lower abdomen around ovaries.

  • Cervical changes - during fertile days, the cervix is softer leans to the front.

What influences the shift of fertile days?

Remember than the ovulation calculator and observing your body do not give full guarantee of precisely calculating the fertile days. This is before there are a number of factors which cause the shift of ovulation and fertile days. Amongst them, we can list:
- strong stress,
- illness in the first phase of the cycle and taking antibiotics,
- big physical effort
- diet and weight losl
- change of climate
- lack of sleep
- general body fatigue

Menstruation calendar

Do you want to know when your next menstruation is? Check our menstruation calendar which will help you calculate it.

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