Bella for Teens Ultra Energy sanitary pads

podpaski_supercienkie.png category: ultra thin sanitary pads

shape: unique design

2mm features_30.png thickness

  • silky drai

    absorbtive soft cover

  • latex free

    without latex elements, safe for skin

  • odour stop

    neutralisation of unpleasant smell

  • magic gel

    special substance that turns moisture into gel

  • aromatic

    with a fresh scent

  • breathable


Ultrathin, 2 mm thick sanitary pad for young women with scent of exotic fruit. It is invisible even under very tight outfit. The pad is breathable. Additionaly it is covered with Silky Drai netting with system of microfunnels which quickly transports moisture and keeps it inside,and contains magic gel, which makes the pad even more absorbent. It protects you with exceptional dryness. You can feel safe every day for the whole day!

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