Bella Ideale StaySofti Normal

podpaski_supercienkie.png category: ultra thin sanitary pads

shape: normal

< 2mm features_30.png thickness

more about Bella Ideale
  • odorless

    for gentle skin

  • flexifit

    totally thin & flexible for ultimate freedom

  • air

    breathable bottom layer for health of intimate area

  • microcapsules

    for advanced protection against leakage and odour

  • staysofti

    extra delicate cover for supreme softness & comfort

Ultra thin and extremely soft Bella Ideale StaySofti sanitary pad designed to provide you comfort and safety during the period. The pad is covered with the innovative StaySofti™ outer material which provides a unique feeling of softness and naturalness. Thanks to the Microcapsules technology, it guarantees greater absorption compared to a standard ultra thin sanitary pad. The Air system ensures breathability and minimizes the risk of irritation, while the Flexi-Fit complex is responsible for the pad’s elasticity and makes it imperceptible and creates an impression of being an integral part of the underwear. Also available in a night size.

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