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Do you have to give up your
current lifestyle?

From now on, you can live life to the full and do everything you feel like doing. Mild urinary incontinence or overactive bladder will never stop you from living. Bella Control Discreet bladder control pads are an answer to the needs of many women.

Bella Control Discreet
Bella Control Discreet
Bella Control Discreet
Bella Control Discreet
Bella Control Discreet
from now on
you won’t miss a thing!
Bella Control Discreet Micro

Bella Control Discreet

is so unique
Bella Control Discreet

effective neutralisation of unpleasant odours

high absorbency and quick moisture distribution

delicate and soft non-woven fabric


breathable outer layer

anatomical shape and edge barriers

individually packed

Wkładki urologiczne

For women
Comfortably, discreetly, under control
Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Micro Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Mini Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Normal Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Super Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Plus Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Extra

Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Micro

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Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Mini

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Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Normal

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Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Super

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Wkładki Bella Control Discreet

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Wkładki Bella Control Discreet Extra

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Product line for women

with overactive bladder

Take full control
with the bella brand you trust

Bladder control pad

use in incontinence

Bella Control Discreet bladder control pads are a hygienic product for active women who want to keep full control over the embarrassing condition which is incontinence.

Sanitary pad

use during period

Bella sanitary pads are irreplaceable during a period. They perfectly absorb the menstruation blood, giving you a dry and comfortable feeling. You can choose a variant that is ideal for you: ultra-thin, classic, with netting, with delicate non-woven fabric, with or without wings.

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Do wyczerpania zapasów

Bella Control Discreet
ZESTAW PRÓBEK - wkładki chłonne i płyn do higieny intymnej Bella Control Discreet
Complete care

Bella Control Discreet

Intimate wet wipes

Bella Control Discreet is unique intimate wet wipes intended for particularly sensitive skin. Cranberry extract and glycerine moisturise and protect the skin natural hydrolipidic barrier. Lactic acid helps maintain balanced pH.

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Intimate wash

Bella Control Discreet is a delicate intimate wash for daily intimate hygiene and care. With added cranberry extract and glycerine as well as lactic acid. It effectively neutralises undesirable odours, which is why it is particularly recommended for women with overactive bladder.

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Tips for women

Take care of yourself! Be active!

Overactive bladder can be caused by decreased muscle flexibility in the pelvic region.

Because there are many elements that determine normal urinary tract function, one disturbed element can affect the functioning of the rest. If urine leaks are caused by decreased muscle elasticity within the pelvic region, you can improve their condition by performing simple exercises, the so-called Kegel exercises. Positive effects of these exercises become evident already after a relatively short time.

The highest proportion of women experiences light incontinence. If the problem is ignored, light incontinence might exacerbate.

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Take care of yourself! Be active! - Bella Control Discreet

How to prepare for a visit at the doctor’s

It is not uncommon that women who experience incontinence ignore the problem or are so embarrassed by it that they hide it from their family and their doctor. Remember that avoiding medical consultation for a long time might lead you to more serious incontinence.

Start to keep a urination log several days before going to the doctor – the more information the doctor will have, the better advice they may be able to give you.

What the doctor might ask about: What situations lead to your incontinence – laughing, lifting heavy objects, physical strain, etc.? Do you happen to leak urine before you make it to the toilet? Do you often experience urinary urgency? Do you take drugs that might affect the urinary tract condition? What is your lifestyle, do you smoke?

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How to prepare for a visit at the doctor’s - Bella Control Discreet

Drink much water

For the proper functioning, our body needs a proper amount of fluids every day, which you need to remember even if you have incontinence. The recommended daily fluid intake may vary depending on sex, age, ambient temperature or the intensiveness of daily activities, although our body has its ways to tell us when we need hydration. You should react then to the hints your body gives you, but remember also about a few significant matters.


– An adult should drink around 1.5-2 litres of fluids every day. Periodically, in times of high ambient temperatures, this amount should be increased.
– Drinking the appropriate amounts of fluids helps maintain the proper functioning of kidneys. It is best to stick to the rule of drinking as needed.
– In order to quench your thirst, it is better to drink fluids without unnecessary calories – e.g. still mineral water, spring water, herbal and fruit teas, roasted grain beverages, defatted milk.

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Drink much water - Bella Control Discreet

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