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The owner of this Website is Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych S.A., (hereinafter referred to as TZMO) with registered office in Poland, in Toruń at ul. Żółkiewskiego 20/26, KRS (National Court Register) number 0000011286.

Information presented on the Website
The content of this Website is presented for informational purposes only when it comes to companies comprising the TZMO Group as well as products manufactured by the TZMO Group, and for utility purposes when it comes to the subscription service and access for authorised persons.
The information contained in the Website does not constitute a sales offer. Therefore, no sales agreement can be concluded based on the said information.
The Website owner can modify the Website without prior notification or justification.

Services rendered on the Website

The Website owner renders the following Services:

In order to use the Subscription service, the user must place an order for receiving information from the Website. The frequency with which the materials are sent is not defined. The Website owner is not responsible for a failure to deliver ordered information caused by objective reasons beyond the control of the owner.
Access to specialist information requires filling in the register form and consenting to the terms and conditions set forth in the access regulations for registered users.
The above services are rendered free of charge; the minimum or maximum time of the provision of the services is not defined.
Each user who completes the steps of the registration procedure will receive individual access data. The cost of connecting to the server where the Website is located shall be borne by the user.

Registration procedure
In order to start using the Service, you need to fill in the registration form with your name and/or surname and e-mail address as well as – after you grant your personal data processing consent – pressing the “Accept” button relating to information that are described in detail in the Privacy Policy.
You can delete your user account at any time.

Other activities on the Website
The Website can serve as a means to conduct loyalty programmes, contests and promotional actions, as well as market and consumer surveys. Their detailed terms and conditions shall be specified in their respective regulations. Participation in the above activities will be possible after you accept the respective regulations using a form.

Owner’s responsibility
The Website Owner shall not be responsible for third-party use of the personal data, for any external activities violating the law, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Owner.
All the information presented on the Website has been prepared in good faith. The Owner is not responsible for the content, reliability, accuracy and completeness of information on external web pages to which the user is redirected with hyperlinks. Links to external websites are marked by blue font colour.

Applicable law
The Website use is subject to the laws of Poland and to any aspects related to the use of the Website, relevant legal regulations applicable within the Republic of Poland shall apply.

The Website content is subject to copyright protection and cannot be modified, copied or distributed without the Website Owner’s consent. The Website content can be printed for private use only. Any other forms of using the Website require the Website Owner’s written consent.

Protection of trademarks and trade names
Trademarks and trade names used on the Website are subject to protection in accordance with applicable legal regulations. It is forbidden to use or change the above marks without the prior consent of the relevant company from the TZMO Group.
TZMO does not guarantee that the Website will work without any failures or errors and does not guarantee that any arising errors will be removed. TZMO neither guarantees that the server where the Website is located is free from computer viruses and other harmful elements.

Reservations relating to content
TZMO reserves the right to change or supplement the above legal disclaimer at any time.

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