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Discreet, comfortable, flexible and reusable… If you appreciate comfort and a feeling of safety during your period, make sure to try my bella period panties.

Choose the
right size
for you

The one
that makes you
feel the best

Tailored to
the needs of every one
of us

Wash your panties before first use.

You can wash them in a washing machine at 40°C with other regular clothing.

How to begin?

Thanks to our original technology, the panties will adapt to your body to ensure comfort and good absorption. When using them for the first time, you might want to test them in the safety of your home to see how they work.

Wear them just like
normal underwear

We are all different, each of us has different expectations and needs. Adapt the panties to your period, wear them any way you want and wherever you want, according to your individual needs.

Wear them,
as much as you want

Rinse the panties under cold running water, washing away any residue, and then wash them using the standard 40°C programme with other clothing. If you are on a trip, you can keep them in a waterproof sachet. After washing, let your panties dry on their own.


your protection

my bella

period panties
+ sachet

my bella

period panties
+ sachet

my bella

period panties
+ sachet

How absorbent are the period panties?

Our panties can absorb as much as 5 regular-sized tampons. This guarantees that you will stay comfortable and dry for several hours or even the whole night. You’ll know when it’s time to change them – it’s an individual matter.

If you use my bella panties for the first time, you might want to test them at home. This way, you’ll know how long they can serve their purpose.

Do I need additional protection against leaks?

This is also an individual matter, depending on how heavy your flow is. If you have a heavy flow and need extra protection, you can use them as an additional protective measure together with a sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup. In many cases, also towards the end of your period, the period panties will also work fine on their own.

Where are my bella panties sewn?

Our panties are sewn in Poland. They combine the experience of the Bella brand with many years of sewing practice.

When to discard period panties?

When the panties are worn out, discard them into a mixed waste container. Remember, their life cycle is long – they are a product for many years of use.

Can period panties leak through?

Period panties are very absorbent and, if washed correctly, they do not lose their properties. Depending on how heavy your flow is, you can use them as the only protective measure or combine them with other products.

Can I use the panties during physical exercise?

Certainly. They are flexible and comfortable, adapting themselves to your body for excellent freedom of movement. They are also invisible even under tight-fitting clothes.

How many pairs of period panties do I have to buy?

It all depends on how you use them, if they are the mainstay of your period protection or how heavy your flow is… If you are only starting to use period panties, we recommend buying from 1 to 3 pairs to find out how they work and how often you will have to change them.


On the packaging of products, such as sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons, you can see the marking:

It is to clearly indicate where used hygiene products should go and illustrate the consequences of their improper disposal.

Thanks to proper segregation, we contribute to reducing the amount of waste of hygiene products thrown into toilets and, consequently, ending up in the seas and oceans.

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